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Batch weighing

Increase efficiency with ALFRA

Do you wish that your production facility had a fast-forward button? Do you have a desire to be agile enough to respond with the fastest delivery times without compromising on recipe quality or consistency? Then an ALFRA batch weighing system may be the answer. An ALFRA batch weighing system has the ability to multi-task recipe variants without the risk of contamination. With a batch weighing system from ALFRA, your facility can begin to improve the efficiency of your operation immediately. ALFRA offers batch weighing systems with great traceability thanks to check weighing and material tracking.

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ALFRA batch weighers

The right quantity of material for a complete batch

An ALFRA batch weigher provides increased manufacturing efficiency and productivity. The ALFRA batch weigher compromises of a single weigh controller that controls and weighs few different materials which constitute a batch. The ALFRA batch weigher makes sure that the right quantity of material is discharged to complete a batch. One of the strongest cases for an ALFRA batch weigher is that it improves product quality by providing a more accurate and consistent mixture. A batch weigher from ALFRA equipment helps to increase productivity and results in more accurate measurement of ingredients, minimization of product loss and dust, and reductions in the cost of materials purchased.


Bin weighing system by ALFRA is a perfect match

We have the know-how

The core or basis of any ALFRA bin weighing system is the load cell. Load cells are transducers, designed to sense force, strain or weight under a wide range of conditions. They are an essential part of an electronic bin weighing system. Selection is based on cost, location, accuracy, type of weighing or sensing required and application. ALFRA supplies a side range of load cells, either manufactured by us or sourced from other suppliers. We can also advise or retrofit older bin weighing systems or systems that are no longer performing to expectations.


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