Micro dosing equipment

ALFRA: The most accurate measurement of the smallest materials

ALFRA manufactures micro dosing equipment for the most accurate measurement of the smallest of materials, also for minerals or dry powders. This ensures that micro dosing and weighing is no longer the factory bottleneck. The micro dosing equipment of ALFRA is fast, very accurate and designed for micro ingredients. ALFRA micro dosing equipment is a leading brand of robust, fast and accurate dosing and weighing equipment for the animal nutrition and related industries.

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Box based dosing and weighing system for automated preparation of micro and small ingredients in boxes.

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A container based dosing and weighing system for small and medium components with a movable weighing hopper.

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Silo based dosing and weighing system for micro and small components with movable weighing hopper.

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Stationary dosing & weighing system for small components.

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Micro dosing systems

Unlock precision with ALFRA's micro dosing system

The smallest quantities of materials are extremely accurately measured to ensure that micro dosing and weighing is no longer your factory bottleneck. If you need to achieve high accuracy in weighing, an ALFRA micro dosing system is the answer. Thanks to their modular setup, an ALFRA micro dosing system can be integrated easily in almost any production facility. ALFRA micro dosing systems are easy to clean and can be integrated in a new or existing infrastructure.

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Automating the micro dosing process

ALFRA Technology

Eliminate the labor-intensive and error-prone hand dosing to ultimately improve consistency in quality, process control, and health & safety performance. Raw material dosing of powders and small components can be a major obstruction in the production process as they can be cohesive. To avoid this, a high level of accuracy is required during the micro dosing process. Implementing a precise micro dosing process not only enhances accuracy but also streamlines production, reducing manual errors and improves overall efficiency

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