Bulk material dosing with ALFRA

Handling batch quantities from 5 kg up to 6.000 kg

ALFRA offers versatile dosing systems for macro and bulk material quantities. The range of ALFRA equipment for bulk material features high performance systems that can handle up to 6.000 kgs. The combination of high throughput and excellent accuracy ensures that bulk material dosing and weighing is no longer the factory bottleneck by handling batch quantities from 5 kgs up to 6.000 kgs with one single machine. For dosing and weighing of bulk material, ALFRA offers stationary systems as well as movable equipment and container-based systems with a movable weighing hopper.


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ALFRA Bulk weigher

For fast, controlled and calibrated loading of trucks

The process of bulk material dosing requires a bulk weigher with a wide diversity of executions. Manufacturing a bulk weigher requires a great deal of know-how. At ALFRA, this know-how is bundled into bulk weigher machinery that will enable you to automate and optimize the bulk material process. ALFRA designs and manufactures a range of unique bulk weighers to control the flow of bulk powders and overcome the risk of powder flow problems such as bridging, ratholing and segregation. ALFRA delivers the most efficient and flexible bulk weighers, serving a range of powder manufacturing industries.


ALFRA Bulk weigher scales

For low-density products or mass flow production

ALFRA's series of bulk weigher scales are built to last, robust and reliable, and fitted with quality components ensuring long-term working order with little maintenance. Our bulk weigher scales are designed to suit any limited space and can be embedded in any production environment for superb accuracy. The bulk weigher scales of ALFRA are applicable for very high or low-density products, mass flow, or can be designed with a shape or size adapted to meet your requirements in height, weight, etc. while retrofitting or upgrading your operations.

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