ALFRA Powder handling solutions

A guaranteed performance improvement for your factory

From the intake to outloading, there are ALFRA powder handling solutions for all capacities and accuracies, including fixed and moveable weighers, ingredient dosing systems, the ALFRA dosing slide and systems for internal transfer. A complete range of powder handling solutions for the animal nutrition and related industries. If you need a reliable powder handling solution, the answer is ALFRA.


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Powder dosing machine for all quantities

Minerals and dry powders

If you need to dose ingredients for animal nutrition, minerals or dry powders, you need a powder dosing machine for measuring and dispensing dry product which eliminates any chances of errors. ALFRA offers fast and accurate powder dosing machines for all quantities. An ALFRA powder dosing machine is equipped with our unique ALFRA dosing slide that makes sure that weighing and dosing is not a hurdle in the production process by having a dynamic flow range of 1:1000. This is far higher compared to the traditional screw dosing system with a 1:20 flow range.


ALFRA Powder dosing system

Low maintenance and long lasting equipment

An ALFRA powder dosing system has a unique configuration making full use of a large slide range. The powder dosing system can handle a wide range of amounts, ranging from 20 grams right up to 100 kg in a single machine. A powder dosing system from ALFRA ensures low maintenance and running costs and has an operational life of > 20 years. ALFRA designs and manufactures powder dosing systems that can be used to improve manufacturing across a range of applications. We help manufacturers create flexible, agile production facilities thanks to our ALFRA powder dosing systems.

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