ALFRA Medium dosing equipment

The application of technology to streamline reliable dosing

ALFRA's medium dosing equipment combines high throughput with outstanding accuracy, spanning a broad range of material quantities. Developed for reliable dosing of small to medium components, ALFRA medium dosing equipment ensures contamination-free dosing by eliminating the need of an additional piece of equipment or dosing in small amounts. The compact designs of ALFRA medium dosing equipment ensure that the product contact surface is kept small. ALFRA’s medium dosing equipment has proven itself in the field. It is a great example of how ALFRA applies innovative technology to streamline processes and help you operate more cost effectively.



Compact designed Dosing Machinery

Save labor, space and costs: ALFRA

ALFRA dosing machinery saves on building and construction costs due to its compact machine designs. Savings in time and money due to a reduced need for workers and no more human errors may also be applicable to your situation. ALFRA dosing machinery is easy to use and maintain. With ALFRA dosing machinery, the risk of contamination is also reduced. Suitable for inbound raw materials, internal transfers and filling of trucks, ALFRA dosing machinery is an answer to your dosing and weighing needs. ALFRA dosing machinery offers the most flexible solutions to automate the dosing and weighing process in your factory.


A leading manufacturer of dosing equipment

ALFRA is applicable in several industries

ALFRA specializes in dosing equipment to companies who handle and process powders, granules and pellets in the animal nutrition and related industries. At the heart of all ALFRA dosing equipment is the ALFRA dosing slide, invented to overcome issues of speed and accuracy. Discover our unique approach and dosing equipment - the innovation that underpins all that we do. With our ALFRA dosing equipment, we help manufacturers create flexible, agile production facilities. With each processing step created as a module, it is easy to expand your dosing equipment by adding on new modules as needed.

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