Internal transfer

Solutions that reduce cross-contamination to zero

Contamination is a major disadvantage of conventional means of internal transfer such as elevators or chains. Due to the increasingly stringent requirements, this must be reduced. ALFRA’s internal transfer solutions can reduce contamination to zero.

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Automatic container transfer

Automatic container based transfer system for contamination free batch transfer and storage of ingredients and finished products.

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Batch transfer

For instant discharge of a complete batch and transfer to the desired discharge position with minimal product damage.

filling stations.jpg

Filling stations

For the filling of containers from bags and/or big bags with minimal dust accumulation.

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From raw materials to finished products

Transfer ingredients safely, anywhere in the factory

During internal transfer, manufacturers have to deal with both horizontal and vertical transport, product safety, energy consumption and preventing contamination. ALFRA’s internal transfer solutions automate this process and prevents contamination. The product is guaranteed to be unloaded into the right silo, the energy consumption is much lower than conventional transfer methods and maintenance is minimal. In addition, people are no longer required on the silo deck, which means safety of your employees is safeguarded and human errors excluded.

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