Raw material dosing

Measure each component with the highest precision

A higher speed, greater accuracy and a larger number of ingredients per product, for micro as well as macro quantities. Producing more batches at a lower cost without loss of quality. It is precisely for these types of issues that KSE has developed a wide range of ALFRA dosing and weighing systems. They are fast, very accurate and designed for each quantity.

Rawmat dosing - KCD.png

Micro component dosing

The most accurate measurement of the smallest quantities of materials to ensure that micro dosing and weighing is no longer the factory bottleneck.


Medium component dosing

Combine high throughput with outstanding accuracy spanning a broad range of material quantities. Developed for reliable dosing of small to medium components.

Rawmat dosing - micro dosing.png

Macro component dosing

Versatile dosing systems for reliable and precise dosing of macro and bulk quantities. High performance equipment that can handle up to 6.000 kgs.

ALFRA dosing slide.jpg

The ALFRA dosing slide

The heart of every ALFRA system

The heart of the ALFRA dosing and weighing systems is the ALFRA dosing slide. This method of dosing is the most versatile solution for dosing and discharging powders and granulates. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, it combines very accurate dosing and high capacity with extremely reliable operation. It also makes a great solution for dosing fragile products compared to dosing screws.

Not sure which type of equipment is right for you?

We’re happy to provide personal advice

With the wide range of ALFRA machines we understand it can be hard to make a decision. We are here to help you with any questions about our equipment.