A modular approach

During construction and assembly, our craftsmen transform engineering drawings into reality. ALFRA equipment is constructed using a modular approach, enabling easy transportation and quick installation on site. Every ALFRA product is ingrained with Dutch quality and craftsmanship to help withstand the test of time.

The ease of integrating an ALFRA machine

Always a fit for your plant

We now see that the average load time for the trucks decreased from 1.5 hours to about 20 minutes. So that's a big improvement. In addition, the possibilities in terms of mixing feed ourselves in terms of additions to the feed increased enormously. That’s an advantage in the market nowadays and also what the market asks for.

Alexander Parret

Plant Manager Aveve

A striking feature of the FCD and the GCD is the dosing accuracy, since we don’t have any dosing error. So the dosings meet all the expectations.

Frans Verwijst

Head of Technical Services Nutrifeed

We chose the ACT because traditional processes are continuous processes and our needs here are more of a batch-driven process. So we could up to 400 products we might need to make maybe 20 or 50 a day and the ACT systems allows us to make individual batches one at a time or 2 to 4 ton at a time and allows us to change quickly and get everything done at a fast space.

Jack O’Connor

Project Engineer Cargill



Achieving performance

Our experts are committed to ensure that your process reaches its promised performance. We supervise the installation, commissioning, testing and optimizing activities. Our team trains your operators, ensuring everyone is prepared to deliver an optimal performance every day. ALFRA's experts remain available 24/7 to provide support and expert advice when needed.

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