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Introducing the future of batch time reduction: ADA!


A revolutionary add-on to our ALFRA dose&weigh machine control system; Advanced Dosing Algorithm, in short ADA


With ADA, dosing time can be reduced by up to 60%, leading to significant improvements in batch time and potential increases in production capacity. Not looking for more speed? On top of speed ADA brings an average of 25% accuracy improvement.



So, what can ADA do for you?

It's not just about speed – it's about efficiency. By introducing stepless dosing, ADA eliminates the need for coarse, medium, and fine adjustments, resulting in extreme fast dosing times. Tests have shown an average improvement of 15%, with potential boosts of up to 60%. Shorter dosing times mean shorter cycle times, ultimately leading to a substantial decrease in batch time.

But wait, there's more!

ADA's precision dosing means that batch time can be substantially decreased, and not maintaining but improving accuracy up to 25%. For all ALFRA equipment, in all slide controlled dose and weigh process steps.
Making sure the right ingredient is in the right amount in the right batch so dosing and weighing never become a bottleneck in your production process or limit your product quality – not now, nor in the future.

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Curious about the ALFRA dose&weigh Advanced Dosing Algorithm?

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How about some proof?

ADA has been put through rigorous testing before being piloted extensively at several leading players in animal feed, starter feed, and premix production. The results speak for themselves: solid improvements across the board.

Wondering if your equipment is compatible with ADA?

Spoiler alert: it most probably is! And if you're considering upgrading, we'll provide you with a tailored quote for your current ALFRA equipment.

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Installation is quick and easy– within just one hour of downtime, the ADA add-on can be up and running, configured specifically for your equipment, fully remote.

Before the upgrade we will do a baseline measurement, to make sure you and we know the starting point.

After just one month of using ADA, we'll compile the outcomes using our analytics dashboards to provide you with a comprehensive summary. 
We'll schedule a meeting to review the results together. We're confident you'll be impressed.

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Stepless ADA versus Coarse Medium Fine dosing

CDA vs ADA.jpg

Advanced Dosing Algorithm (red) versus Conventional Dosing Algorithms (black) shows ADA doses the same amount of product in significantly less time (this graph example is for explanatory purposes)


Compatibility and results with ALFRA equipment

ALFRA equipment overview.jpg

Mentioned potential decreases are based on dosing time only.  Reduction in total batch time may vary and depends on driving distance of moving scales as well on the speed of the controlling system layer.


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The future of batch time reduction is here - and it's called ADA.

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