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1 - ALF-LBW_-_Lightbox_1.png

Oblong weigher for bulk components

For medium and large components from multiple silos

  • High dosing capacity up to 300 t/h
  • Accurate hybrid weighing system
  • Easy to expand capacity
  • Optional: Quick discharge slide


High dosing capacity from multiple silos

Dosing and weighing up to 6.000 kg, the ALFRA LBW combines quantity with quality. This fast, accurate and extremely robust weigher is oblong-shaped and doses raw materials like dry powders, granulates and pellets from  up to 40+ silos. Dosing capacity is up to 300 tons/hour. For both LBWT and LBWS, a hybrid weighing system based on a single load cell can increase accuracy for weighers longer than 10 meter.

Options include vibrators and knocking devices for improved flow of poorly flowing products, and a dust extraction system to prevent dust from escaping outside the weigher. The dosing platform and weigher can be easily extended if you decide to expand your factory with more raw material silos.

Technical specs

Dosing range
5 kg to 6.000 kg
Dosing accuracy
400 g
Weighing accuracy
200 g
Dosing positions
4 to 40+ silo positions
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Pioneering dosing slide

Our pioneering dosing slide makes fundamental improvements over traditional dosing systems using screw drives. It has few moving parts for easy maintenance and long life (> 20 years). It delivers raw materials with greater speed and accuracy, and has an enormous dynamic flow range (1:1000).

The unique ALFRA dosing slide maintains the all-important First-In-First-Out material flow, eliminating deadzones in the silo. with its very large discharge area it is highly effective at avoiding bridging and rat holing. Vertical delivery means no product damage or compaction.

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ALFRA dose&weigh software

The embedded ALFRA dose&weigh software uses historical data to start the coarse dosing and then adjusts the fine product flow profile dynamically, achieving up to 20% more throughput – even for materials with varying flow characteristics. The improved accuracy saves raw materials, while batch times are shorter and more predictable. Now, materials dosing is no longer a process bottleneck!

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